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Granite Finish
Durable, Non-Slip Coatings for Patio's, Pools, Decks,
Basement Flooring & Utility Rooms
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PebbleRock     Natural stones and river rock are mixed with epoxy binders and
troweled in place to create a  1/2” thick permanent floor. Because of the rounded shapes
of the rocks the finished floor can be left porous of sealed with additional coats of clear
polymer top coat. Left porous, the rock finish provides an ideal surface for pool decks,
hot tubs and saunas because water will drain through the finished product and drain
away to hidden drains. The rock finish also provides a natural non-slip surface that is
easy on the feet and provides a secure feeling. PebbleRockTM  is available in a wide
selection of colors and sizes. The system is also expandable to several different
aggregates including colored quartz, colored glass, colored gemstones  and exotic
stones from around the world.  PebbleRockTM   is warranted for ten years against
material failures due to defective materials.
FlorDek ™  QuartzCombines the strength of stone with a chemical resistant polymer
to provide an extremely  durable, waterproof coating with high traction. The coating can
Step 1—Diamond grind to level floor (Repair , if required)
Step 2—Apply penetrating primer for superior bonding
Step 3—Apply basecoat and broadcast quartz to rejection
Step 4—Apply 2nd basecoat and broadcast quartz to rejection
Step 5—Remove excess quartz and apply clear topcoat (2nd coat optional)  
FlorDekTM  Quartz carries a 10 year warranty against defective materials
resistant polymer with a wide selection of decorator color chips to create an extremely  
durable, waterproof coating that provides unlimited creative, decorator options. The
coating can be applied as an integral wall coving to create a monolithic pan for
outstanding water containment and wall bottom protection.  Installed in a 5 Step process:
Step 1—Diamond grind to level floor (Repair , if required)
Step 2—Apply penetrating primer for superior bonding
Step 3—Apply basecoat and broadcast chips to rejection
Step 4—Scrape or sand floor and remove excess chips
Step 5—Apply clear topcoat   (2nd coat optional)
FlorDek ™ Surface PreparationThe “Critical Success Factor’s” for any of the proper
primer into the floor surface” to ensure proper adhesion of the base coat and top coat.

FlorDek ™  Concrete Restoration—With over 20 years of concrete restoration
experience our installation teams have the knowhow and skills to complete any type of
concrete restoration project. Equipped with the latest equipment technology and trained
in the latest application methods our teams work hard to deliver long lasting solutions
with high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • UV Resistant - Yellow & Fade Resistant
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Fast Curing w/Little or no Downtime
  • Crack, Chip & Peel Resistant
  • Safe for Family & Environment
  • High Durability & Abrasion Resistance
  • Salt, Gasoline & Oil  Resistant
  • Chemical & Stain Resistant
  • Slip Resistance Adjusted to Your Needs
Durability, long-lasting performance, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal do not have to be
additives allow us to customize the non-slip finish to match the application conditions and

  • FlorDek ™  GranitLook     - Durable Epoxy or Polyurea Hybrid coating broadcast to partial or full rejection
    with colored vinyl chips to provide a faux granite appearance. Non-skid material can be added to water
    clear Poly top coat to increase traction, as desired

  • FlorDek ™  QuartzDurable polymer base coat filled with colored quartz granules or silica sand to
    provide excellent strength and traction with designer color options. Sealed with a clear, protective top
    coat that is resistant to salt and will not fade, chip or peel

  • PebbleRock      - Natural stone aggregate with a binder, troweled in place to forma a durable 1/2" rock
    finish that allows water to drain through it with no puddling in low spots. Can be installed over existing,
    cracked and spalled concrete

Ask about our limited lifetime warranty against defective materials and defective workmanship
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