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The Vortex™ Material developed by Kott Enterprises comprises of a Plural Component, Polyurethane /
This unique exclusive blend of materials results in an incredibly durable surface coating of extremely high
impact resistance and durability normally found in very expensive Polyurea blends normally 4 to 8 times the
cost. High Vortex™.

Sealing of rubber boots used in fiberglass sumps utilised in service station environments, waterproofing
and sealing of hard surfaces that have high impact resistance needs and water sealing capabilities.
Excellent for the lining of containment ponds, pickup truck beds, steel tanks, pipes, flooring, concrete,
fiberglass and virtually any hard surface that needs protection from impact, moisture and heavy wear.

Technical Data:
Hardness of Vortex™ Material: Shore D Hardness of 55+(ASTM-D2240)
Tensile Strength: 3,025+PSI (ASTM D638-94b)
Elongation: 275% + (ASTM D-412)
Tear Resistance Factor: 475 PLI (Tear) (ASTM D624)
Flexural Modulus (Compaction / Impact Factor) 52000 + PSI (ASTM D790)
Abrasion Resistance (Taber Test / Grams Removed) >0.075 - 250 Cycles
>0.075 - 500 Cycles
>0.14 - 1000 Cycles
Impact Resistance / Ft - Lbs. 4.5 (ASTM D256)
Impact Resistance / Ft - Lbs. @ - 40F 0.4 (ASTM D256)
Viscosity Average in Centipoise Scale 371 (cps)
Set up time from Spray gun Approx 4 seconds
VOC Amount (Volatile Organic Compounds) 0
Percent Solids 100%
Flammability (DOT Shipping Reg) Non-Flammable
Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Release None
ISO Release Form Product <1/100th of 1% by vol
USDA / FDA Incidental Food Contact Meets Standards
NZFSA Approved C41

The main product that we use is a 100% solids, aromatic modified polyurethane / polyurea elastomer
coating. This is a high-tech system that is sprayed at high heat and high pressure. It is a performance
coating used in a variety of applications requiring a high degree of resistance against impact, abrasion,
moisture, and corrosion. It is also widely used in barrier containment for hazardous chemicals in various

Features / Benefits:
1. TOUGH YET FLEXIBLE - Has excellent physical properties. High tensile strength. High chemical and
abrasion resistance. Will not crack, warp or split.
2. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - No VOC's. No ozone-depleting chemicals. No solvents.
3. FAST CURE - Can be sprayed directly to sloping or vertical surfaces without creating drips or runs. The
sprayed surface is then ready for service in 30 seconds.
4. HIGH THERMAL STABILITY at temperature up to 300°F or as low as -15°F.
5. EXCELLENT ADHESION to metal, concrete, foam, fiberglass, steel and wood.
6. COLORS AVAILABLE - black, blue, gray, green, orange, red, tan, yellow
7. WATERPROOFING - seals against leaks, prevents rust and corrosion.

US Department of Agriculture for incidental food contact.
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